Yellow Pine Chipmunk

Tamias amoenus

Yellow Pine Chipmunk


Similar to most types of chipmunks, the yellow pine chipmunks have five black stripes, alternating with white stripes, down the length of their body. The rest of this furry creature is brownish to cinnamon in colour.

Range & Habitat

In Canada these scurrying mammals are found throughout south central B.C. and east into Alberta. They build burrows in thickets, bushes and dense undergrowth in yellow pine forests.

Diet & Behaviour

They eat mainly seeds and nuts and scamper up pine trees to retrieve the seeds available in their cones. As a supplement they also eat lichens, mosses and fungi. They are fast moving animals, quick on their feet to evade their many predators. When walking through the forest you may be able to hear their familiar chirp or chatter.

Lifecycle & Threats

In early April and May mating begins and the young are born into nests made of twigs, leaves, and lichen in May and June. Each litter has four to seven young which stay close to their nest until six weeks of age. These small mammals are prey for weasels, coyotes, and hawks.


COSEWIC: Not at Risk
CDC: Yellow

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Photo: C V Vick