Celebrate Winter Solstice ~ a gift through Sierra Club BC

December 21, 2020

As we move from the longest night of the year and start transitioning from darkness into light, Sierra Club BC is offering Winter Solstice gifts and resources for you and yours to enjoy the celebration of a new season.

Today marks a transition in time, of season, inviting us to experience gratitude and a period of reflection. As SCBC’s cultural voice kQwa’st’not ~ charlene george explains, we are under the SJELȻÁSEṈ moon — it is time to put away our paddles and settle down at home…. as ‘weather’ in the months ahead can be rough.

To prepare for this new season, we recommend making a warm drink, cozying up with a blanket, enjoying the flicker of a candle or the warmth the fireplace, smelling the scents of fresh boughs and journeying along with us.

We invite you to learn from the culturally rich story of Raven and family and see how we can use these teachings for today.

Solstice storytelling

Rich oral tradition shared by kQwa’st’not (charlene george), cultural voice for SCBC. 

Explore  these gifts:      

Tips from staff for Winter Solstice:

Bringing light and nature into the place I reside. I do this by lighting candles, bringing boughs and berries into my home. — Britt Adams-Lowe, SCBC Donor Engagement Coordinator

Lighting LOTS of candles. Taking blustery walks. Pre covid we would make a huuuugge pot of mulled wine and invite tons of people over to drink it. — Flossie Baker, SCBC Lead Organizer

“I invite you to take a moment, reflect on your abundant prosperity, pass a good wish forward to all the beings around you, both human & ‘non-human’, and consider how you envision this next season…. May you enjoy the feast we have prepared for your eyes, ears, minds and hearts……. many hyjka \0/ ” (kQwa’st’not ~ charlene george)