Vote Yes to Pro Rep!


If you haven’t mailed your ballot yet, you’ll now need to drop it off at a Service BC location or Referendum Service Centre. Ballots must be received by Elections BC by 4:30pm Friday December 7. If you never received a ballot, you can cast your vote in person at one of these locations. Find one near you here

Once you’ve voted, please text, call and email every one of your contacts who you feel will be in favour of Pro Rep and urge them to drop their ballot off now! This referendum has been really tight, so it’s important that every single ballot in favour of Pro Rep be returned.

What if you could cast your vote a single time and have a positive impact on the environment for years to come?

We now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to do just that. BC is holding a referendum on how our voting system works.

Sierra Club BC is urging voters to vote Yes to Pro Rep because countries that use it score higher on protecting the environment.

And it’s not just the environment that benefits from Pro Rep. Pro Rep countries tend to see higher voter turnout, reduced inequality, better representation of women and minorities, and higher levels of human development.

Pro Rep will bring a diversity of voices to the Legislature, encourage parties to work together and result in more stable policies. 

On this page, we’ve collected resources to help you make your decision.

What am I voting on?

On your ballot, you’ll be asked to choose whether to stick with the current first past the post system or proportional representation. We recommend you vote for Pro Rep.

Second, you’ll be asked to rank three systems of Pro Rep in order of preference. Any of the three systems would be better than our current, unfair system.

If you’re not sure which system you like best, you can leave this answer blank and your vote in the first question will still count.

This online quiz can help you find out which voting system suits your preferences most!

What is proportional representation?

Pro Rep makes every vote count. No more wasted votes. No need for strategic voting.

With our current system, a party that gets 30% of the vote can get 100% of the power. With Pro Rep, a party’s share of the vote determines the number of seats it gets. Parties with 30% of the vote get 30% of the seats. Simple. Fair.

Each Pro Rep option has been tailored to British Columbia’s unique situation. In BC, Pro Rep would mean a stronger voice for every region of the province.

We will have another referendum after trying Pro Rep in two elections to see if British Columbians want to keep the new system.

Over 90 countries use Pro Rep.

Get a look at the evidence with fully referenced studies collected by Fair Vote Canada.

Remember, any proportional system is better than what we have now, so the most important part of the referendum is to vote “yes” to Pro Rep!

If you’re not sure which system you like best, you can leave the second question on your ballot blank and your vote on the first question will still count!

Learn what Pro Rep means for BC

Vote PR BC

Vote PR BC is where you can find out who endorses Pro Rep, get informed on the three voting systems, find referendum events in your community, and join the social media storm. Get connected

Read why we support Pro Rep

ProRep is good for voters, and the environment too!

In the fall, you'll have a chance to vote on whether to change BC's voting system. Here's why, no matter which ProRep system is chosen, it's a clear winner over our existing "First Past the Post" system when it comes to the environment.

Get involved

Join our phone team

Phone bank with us to encourage more people to vote!

We’re training and hosting volunteers to call and text our supporters every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4:30pm-7:30pm until November 30.

Sign up for phone banking at our Victoria office, located at #301-2994 Douglas St.

Outside of Victoria? You can call and text from your home computer. Sign up here for a brief online training to get started.

You can contact our Lead Organizer Galen Armstrong anytime at galen@sierraclub.bc.ca if you have questions about how to get involved.

Get the facts

Read our fact sheet that answers common questions about Pro Rep and the referendum, including how to cast your ballot. Print it out to share with your friends and family!

Chip in to amplify your impact

Donate today to ensure BC says “Yes” to Pro Rep and to better environmental outcomes for generations to come. We’re making thousands of phone calls and we need your support.