A conversation with MENEȽOT


This invitation is an opportunity to​ learn through the deeply felt words of a W̱SÁNEĆ​ steward, researcher, teacher and grandmother. ​

Her conversations offer an insight ​into land stewardship, the critical need for environmental restoration, teaching youth about conservation, and being reminded of the multi-valued interconnected ecosystem. ​

Enjoy the surprise appearance from ​friends and the young ones who were very excited to contribute (and scroll down to explore some more gifts!).​

Acknowledging the joint lands of ​W̱SÁNEĆ and lək̓ʷəŋən peoples where this conversation took place,​ SELEKTEȽ (Goldstream) part of the Garry Oak Ecosystem.​

As part of Sierra Club BC’s commitment, this video conversation strives to model our journey to better recognize, understand and uphold Indigenous law and jurisdiction. For our full reflection of our accountability, please read Balancing the Canoe and our strategic plan Growing Into Balance

Explore  these gifts

As we spend time in the SENĆOŦEN WEXES-moon of the frog we see again the wonders of nature repeating her amazing process, warming up those hibernating to wake from their winter sleep. Frog ‘the messenger’ speaks of the sacred season of plenty returning to the world, spring. Similarly, these gifts through Sierra Club BC are offered for all to learn more about the precious Garry Oak Ecosystem. We invite your deep reflection on how we can reawaken our collective awareness about this endangered ecosystem and the family that are intertwined with it. Explore:

Ideas for all learners & families.

Curriculum for Facilitators of Learning

More about Garry Oak Forests

Seeing Through Watchers Eyes

Poem by C. Vernon​

Coexisting with fire

Relatives north from here

HÍSW̱ḴE (Thank you)

HÍSW̱ḴE MENEȽOT (Aunty Marylin) & all the spakum
(JJ, Robert, Gabriel and Calle)​.

huy’tseep q’u all the relatives~seagulls, eagles, salmon, deer & ancestors.

Big gratitude to videographer ŚW̱,XELOSELWET~Tiffany Joseph for her visual storytelling and cultural bridging.

With humble gratitude to our Indigenous teachers, colleagues, allies and friends for their guidance as we do this work.

Hyjka kQwa’st’not for the words and artwork.
(eagle, raven, fir tree, oak leaf, deer, quinee, & wild man/woman)

Thank you to all the Sierra Club BC hands and minds that helped with this work.