The next few weeks are critical. Here are a few ways you can continue to help protect ancient trees.


Please consider donating to help support our work protecting endangered old-growth forests. A monthly gift of just $10 can make a big difference! Together, we can create resilient, equitable communities and a thriving natural world.

Send a letter

If you haven’t already, follow up this phone call by writing to BC government officials to protect old-growth forests. We’ve prepared an email template but feel free to add in your own words!

Take action

In B.C., forests are being logged at an unsustainable rate, leading to loss of biodiversity, increased carbon emissions, and human rights conflicts. Explore our forest action takers guide ‘Being a voice for the forest‘ to find out how you can make a difference.

Get more involved

Join our action taker network of artists, parents, educators, social butterflies and more for easy directives on how you can use your personal talents to help build a better future for all.