Tell Premier Horgan: Keep your promise—protect old-growth now!

When a snap election was called in B.C., you stepped up and made forests a major election issue.

In response, the NDP and Green party leaders committed to implementing all 14 recommendations of the independent old-growth panel report—a blueprint for working with Indigenous governments to save these culturally and ecologically significant forests within three years.

This is a good step, but time is of the essence.

Big old trees are being logged across the province every day. Only about 400,000 hectares of old-growth forests with big old trees remain across all of B.C.—just about the size of Burnaby and Surrey combined—and many are still on the chopping block. Even trees older than 1000 years old aren’t spared.

We need your help to make sure the returning NDP government walks the talk, when it comes to protecting old-growth. Following through on their promise means these at-risk old-growth trees need interim protection within six months.

Right now, Premier Horgan is putting a cabinet together. Soon, this government will be writing mandate letters for new Ministers and building a budget. We know these next few weeks and months are a crucial time to get our message across.

Logging companies know this too. As you read this, they are undoubtedly using their vast wealth to lobby the returning provincial government. Don’t let them be the only ones speaking up.

Please add your voice today in asking the BC NDP to put their promises into action, by:

  • Expediting engagement with Indigenous decision-makers to implement the old-growth panel’s recommendations, including using interim steps to set aside all at-risk old-growth forests immediately.
  • Building a cabinet with ministers who understand the climate crisis and ecological collapse that we are facing, and how intact forests can help protect our health and wellbeing.
  • Committing funding to fully implement all the recommendations in the report—including investing in alternative economic opportunities.

Together, we can protect these ancient and vibrant ecosystems for future generations.

Your letter will be sent to the leader of the BC NDP and Premier of BC, John Horgan.

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