Let's Build Back a Better BC! Call on Premier Horgan for a Just Recovery!

Tell Premier Horgan: It’s time for a Just Recovery!

Right now, we are facing a host of difficult conditions: the climate and ecological crises, a global pandemic, and economic and racial inequality. All of these challenges are connected. Though this moment is difficult, it also gives us the chance to come together. We can build a better future that centres communities, a livable climate and the abundant ecosystems which sustain us.

But we’re not the only ones who are getting to work. Big Oil, forestry corporations and interest groups who want to keep the status quo at all costs are intensely lobbying and pressuring the BC government right now. They’re trying to win concessions as part of BC’s economic stimulus response to the pandemic that will allow them to continue industrial resource extraction and climate pollution.

We stand a very real risk of going back to the same problematic ‘normal’ as before, or even worse. The accelerating breakdown of ecosystems, unequal economic systems and exploitative race relations show us that we can absolutely no longer settle for the old normal.

It’s time for a Just Recovery — a more hopeful vision for a way to build back better by giving priority to health and wellbeing, resilient communities, ecosystem protection, economic equality, and justice for Indigenous peoples.

On May 25, hundreds of civil society groups across Canada came together to endorse 6 Principles for a Just Recovery, outlining the most important priorities for rebuilding the economy. Sierra Club BC was part of the effort to develop these Principles, and we believe that they have the potential to help us transform our society and relationship to nature in the wake of the global pandemic.

In short, a Just Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will be one that puts people and planet before profit. Are you in?

You can help advocate for a Just Recovery by calling on Premier Horgan and the BC government to make the principles a core part of BC’s economic recovery.

And stay tuned in the coming weeks, we’ll let you know of other ways you can take action to build a better future for BC and beyond.

We’ll also forward your letter to Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, George Heyman; Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier, Carol James; Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, Shane Simpson; Minister of Jobs, and Economic Development and Competitiveness, Michelle Mungall; Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, Scott Fraser; and Opposition party leaders Adam Olsen and Andrew Wilkinson.

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Here are the 6 Principles for a Just Recovery

Just Recovery Principle 1: Put people’s health and wellbeing first, no exceptions
Just Recovery Principle 2: Strengthen the social safety net and provide relief directly to the people
Prioritize the needs of workers and communities
Just Recovery Principle 4: Build resilience to prevent future crises
Just Recovery Principle 5: Build solidarity and equity across communities, generations and borders
Just Recovery Principle 6: Uphold Indigenous rights and work in partnership with Indigenous peoples

Featured illustration by Mya Van Woudenberg/Sierra Club BC. Just Recovery Principles illustrations by Corrina Keeling.