The stakes are high. It could be now or never for the north coast tanker ban.

The Senate committee studying Bill C-48 – the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act – is in our province next week to hear from British Columbians about this bill.

This historic tanker ban has been nearly half a century in the making. It would keep crude oil tankers away from BC’s north coast for good, and keep projects like Enbridge Northern Gateway from ever being built.

But oil lobbyists are in overdrive trying to pressure the Senate to kill Bill C-48. They’re pulling out all the stops, and that means we need to do the same.

If this bill doesn’t pass in the next few weeks, the legislative session will end and the tanker ban could die forever. 

The senators don’t seem to believe that British Columbians support this bill. They are talking a lot about ‘foreign funded’ influence. If you, like me, call this coast your home and want to defend it from oil spills, or if you live elsewhere but agree the Great Bear Rainforest deserves special protection, please add your voice.

Will you write a personal email to senators to let them know you support an oil tanker ban?

Below, we’ve listed the senators’ email addresses, as well as some ideas of things to mention. It’s really important that you write in your own words about why this legislation is important to you.

Whether it’s a short note simply saying you support the tanker ban, a story about seeing spirit bears or learning what an oil spill would do to coastal wolves that eat salmon, or the importance of respecting the Coastal First Nations tanker ban… the point is that it’s a personal message from you.

Please write to the senators. And, would you consider hosting a letter-writing party and invite your friends and family to write letters too?

If you can host a letter writing party, please email to let us know and we’ll follow up with you to offer some support!

It’s up to all of us to protect the coast from crude oil spills. Together, we can show there’s strong support in BC for this legislated tanker ban.

Here are some points to mention in your email. We can’t stress enough that it really matters that your message is personalized – so please use your own words!

  • Coastal First Nations have declared a tanker ban in their waters and are strongly urging that this Bill be passed. It has very wide support from other First Nations, local governments, labour, community organizations and people across Canada. For decades, people across BC have shown that we strongly support a tanker ban and have been actively working to keep crude oil tankers out of northern waters.
  • The north coast of BC is known for highly dangerous weather conditions, which means accidents are more likely to happen and far more difficult to clean up. A crude oil spill could be catastrophic.
  • The Great Bear Rainforest is home to grizzly bears, wild salmon, whales and other species who all rely on a healthy ocean for their survival – and coastal communities depend on this too. This spectacular marine environment is no place for crude oil tankers.

Please send your email to: