Have your say on an oil tanker ban for BC’s north coast

Prime Minister Trudeau has promised to formalize a moratorium on oil tanker traffic on British Columbia’s North Coast. This was a big win, but so far it’s just a promise.

Right now, Transport Canada is asking for your ideas about how it should formalize the promised moratorium.

To protect the Great Bear Rainforest from the threat of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway and any other similar proposal, the tanker ban needs to be permanent and legislated.

We have until September 30 to flood their online portal with comments.

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We know the online portal isn’t the most user friendly in the world – and the government seems to have done very little to let Canadians know it’s looking for feedback.

Please don’t let that stop you: you can bet that Enbridge and other industry are lobbying government for their interests; we need to take this opportunity to counter their lobbying by speaking up about why a strong tanker ban is important.

A federally legislated oil tanker ban is the only certain way to protect B.C.’s north coast from a fate similar to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, which continues to pollute the marine environment to this day. It will provide binding legal protection to this coast and B.C.’s wild salmon economy. Coastal First Nations already have a ban on oil tankers, using their own laws. A permanent ban on oil tanker traffic on the north coast will put an end to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline and tankers once and for all.

A strong oil tanker moratorium must be based on a few key principles. Feel free to adapt these points in your comments:

  • It must be legislated by an Act of Parliament.
  • It must not contain a sunset clause or expiry date.
  • It must at minimum apply to all of Hecate Strait, Dixon Entrance and Queen Charlotte Sound, as set out by the Prime Minister in the Mandate Letter of the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard.
  • It must comprehensively prohibit ships carrying crude or refined oil in bulk as cargo, including in particular persistent oil, while allowing necessary shipments of fuel to coastal communities.

Can you take a few minutes to let the government know what a strong tanker ban needs to look like?

We have an opportunity to protect the Great Bear Rainforest from oil spills for once and for all, let’s make sure the tanker ban is a permanent one. Thanks for adding your voice.

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