Tell Premier Clark to stand up for B.C.

Premier Clark seems to think her five conditions for approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline have just about been met.

This is despite a hopelessly flawed review process, First Nations opposition, and the reality that dilbit sinks and there is no known technology that can clean it up. British Columbia is still on the hook for nearly all the risk, and Premier Clark has yet to show how the province will get a fair share of the economic reward.

The five conditions have not been met. And they cannot ever be met.

It’s time to demand that Premier Clark stands up for B.C. and refuses to issue permits for Kinder Morgan.

We’ve drafted a letter to Premier Clark below. Feel free to send as is or substitute your own words.

The most important thing is to send that letter now.

Thank you.

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Copies to:

The Honourable Mary Polak, Minister of Environment

The Honourable Rich Coleman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Natural Gas Development