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In January, the BC government announced they would begin strengthening oil spill protection measures in the province, and are asking for your feedback.

We have until April 30th to let them know what we think about their proposed new oil spill regulations – an important opportunity to get tough new oil spill regulations in place that will help prevent disaster! More information below.*

Send a letter today, let the BC government know that we expect to see strong oil spill regulations put in place!

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Whenever oil is transported, there’s no guarantee an oil spill won’t occur. The best way to protect the coast is to keep oil tankers out of BC waters. It’s important to strengthen oil spill protection for existing oil transportation, and to ensure that the corporations causing irreparable harm to our ecosystems and communities should cover the costs of clean up and provide compensation to those harmed by a spill.

The government has proposed oil spill regulations related to response time, areas of specific importance for oil spill response, compensation for loss of public and cultural use of land and resources, marine spills, as well as a 5th area that has been referred to the courts, regarding restrictions on the increase of diluted bitumen (“dilbit”) transportation. For more information on what they are proposing, see the Engage BC website.

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BC moves to block Kinder Morgan

This week we scored another victory on the path to stopping Kinder Morgan. The BC government announced oil spill regulations that will restrict new shipments of diluted bitumen across the province, while announcing a scientific review of the risks of diluted bitumen spills.