The Future Is Here

A plan for climate action in B.C.

Here in B.C., we must do our part to tackle the growing climate crisis, from the provincial government to businesses, as communities and as individuals.

A radical transformation of B.C.’s natural landscape and biodiversity is already underway and climate impacts will continue to accelerate if we cling to business as usual. B.C. needs to prepare for these changes and defend ourselves against worsening impacts. At the same time, we need to help bend the curve of global emissions down towards zero. We must be midwives to the birth of a post-carbon world.

Sierra Club BC has used the best available science to produce The Future is Here, a report outlining a clear and comprehensive path for B.C. to tackle climate change.

The Future Is Here advocates a three-pronged approach:

3 circles
The Future Is Here shows how B.C. can become a true world leader in confronting climate change.To this end we propose the following 10 steps to post-carbon prosperity