Thank you for taking action to stop Site C!

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Thank you for telling the B.C. government to cancel the Site C dam!

Can you take the next step? There are lots of ways to help. Here’s how:

  1. Host a letter-writing party. Get your friends together to write letters to cabinet ministers and your MLA. Bring some pens, paper, stamps and cookies. Here’s a handy-dandy guide.
  2. Visit the office of your MLA or a cabinet minister. Check their office hours and drop in. Bring a personal letter. Smile and get to know the staff. You can even ask to book a sit-down meeting.
  3. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper or a BC-wide paper. Google their ‘Letters’ section to find out if they have a word limit, then mail or email it in.
  4. Get creative. Art has a special power to make change. Make a ‘Stop Site C’ mug, paint a mural, or write a song. Do something we haven’t thought of yet.
  5. Donate to Sierra Club BC. We need money to help spread this action far and wide and maximize the impact on Cabinet. Donate now.

Email if you want to volunteer or let us know about an action you’re taking, and we can provide support.

Site C: A betrayal of monumental proportions

Despite all the evidence, in December the BC government made the monumentally bad decision to continue construction of the Site C dam. But there's far too much at stake for us to give up the fight. Here's how we can still win.

Site C: Cranking up the pressure in the final days

Site C has become a pressure cooker and cabinet ministers are clearly feeling the heat. They’re facing a monumental decision on Site C in the coming days and are facing intense lobbying by pro-Site C, big-money insiders. We’ve been doing everything we can to counter the spin and ensure cabinet makes the right decision on Site C.