Every voice counts. Make yours heard. Take action now!

CALL FOR B.C. TO PROTECT BEAR DENS! Did you know that it’s legal to log bear dens in most of B.C.? Let’s change that. Take action and call for province-wide regulations to keep bear dens safe! Send a letter today.

TELL B.C.’S FOREST MINISTER TO PROTECT OLD-GROWTH NOW! Thanks to public outcry about how little old-growth forest remains in B.C., the provincial government has committed to a paradigm shift in how forests are managed. It’s time for the B.C. government to walk the talk. Send a letter today!

TELL YOUR MLA WE NEED A CLIMATE PLAN WITHOUT BLIND SPOTS FOR B.C.! Our provincial government must meet its commitments to protect us from worsening climate risks. Without a climate plan for every target and sector of the economy, there is no way for British Columbians to trust their government is serious about taking action to combat the climate crisis.

CALL ON THE B.C. GOVERNMENT TO MITIGATE COMMUNITY CLIMATE RISKS BY REFORMING FORESTRY PRACTICES! Did you know that old-growth forests help mitigate climate impacts like droughts, flooding and wildfires? Add your voice in asking the B.C. government to prioritize community safety by protecting and restoring intact forests before the climate crisis worsens.

Writing to your political representatives can be an effective way to take action on environmental issues. Find your BC provincial and federal elected officials.

Our work depends on volunteers. We can always use help with things like canvassing, organizing and promoting events and data entry. Volunteer with us!

Want To Do More?

Thank you for taking action for B.C.'s wild spaces and species! If you want to do more, there are lots of easy ways that you can help with urgent conservation issues in British Columbia.


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