Winter Solstice Educational Packet

We are excited to celebrate the start of ĆENT̸OL̵EṈ (winter time) with a new educational packet. Learn more about this time of transformation and learn from community-based stories.

Marbled Murrelet Educational Packet

Marbled murrelets (SḰEḰOḰEȾ) are an ocean and forest-dwelling being that have much to teach us. We invite you to engage with this resource that explores the interdependence of all forest beings.

Highlights from COP26

Explore our highlights from the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow! We are so grateful to our supporters who helped us bring old-growth to a global stage

The World is Watching: COP26

Join Sierra Club BC and the Climate Emergency Unit for a live update from COP26 in Glasgow and ideas on what you can do from home to support climate action!