Sierra Club BC Education Road Trip: Vancouver Island

This fall, Kirsten and I had the mission of hitting the road on two separate trips to teach across Vancouver Island. We had the pleasure of visiting School Districts 68, 69, 71, 72, 84 and 85 and working with new schools, students, and teachers.

No fracking way, no fracking how!

Even as calls for climate action grow more and more urgent, fracking is at the centre of efforts to give fossil fuels renewed life in B.C. Given the seriousness of the climate threats we are fighting, it shouldn’t be happening and Sierra Club BC is fighting it on multiple fronts.

Event: What's up in the woods

Join the Wilderness Committee, Ancient Forest Alliance and Sierra Club BC for an update on Vancouver Island’s remaining old-growth rainforests and the movement to protect them!

Sierra Club BC's Education Team Turns 20!

The start of this school year marked 20 years since Sierra Club BC’s Education Program began working with students across the province. We’re throwing ourselves a birthday party and you’re invited!