Stand with the 9 in 10 British Columbians who support taking action to protect endangered old-growth forests.

Only three percent of old-growth forests with huge, old trees are still standing across BC—and most are on the chopping block.

Every day more than 500 soccer fields of old-growth forest are clearcut in BC. Soon they will have all been cut down and it will be too late to protect these ancient giants. Even trees older than 1,000 years are not safe.

Thousands of BC residents are speaking up. Take action for the last remaining old-growth forests now.

Protect the last remaining old-growth forests in BC!

Time is of the essence. As the BC government is considering its response to the independent old-growth review process—and investing in post-pandemic economic stimulus—big, old trees are still being cut down. Protecting endangered old-growth forests is a critical part of how we can build back a better BC.

These forests support our health and wellbeing, are critical for endangered species and salmon habitat, provide essential carbon storage, support jobs in tourism, and help defend our communities from flooding and other worsening impacts of climate change.

To ensure these forests with massive, old trees survive into the future, we need the BC government to declare a moratorium on logging in these endangered ecosystems.

Learn more about the state of old-growth forests in BC below.

Photos by TJ Watt/Ancient Forest Alliance