Woodland caribou

“This is a powerful moment in history, and it’s a turning point for BC and Canada and First Nations.  People working together to save a species from extinction – it’s real and we can do this – our new partnership agreement confirms it.  I want to invite all people to join with us, support us, and help make it happen, for the future generations to come.” 

– Chief Ken Cameron, Saulteau First Nations

“Our caribou recovery program has proven that we can stop extinctions by combining science with indigenous traditional knowledge.  Now, with habitat protection and restoration, we can bring back caribou populations and give them a chance to thrive again.  Sustainable caribou populations will be a good thing for all of B.C., Canada and the world.”

– Chief Roland Willson, West Moberly First Nations

Woodland caribou are an ancient part of the fabric of mountain landscapes in BC, but right now their very survival is in doubt.

But there is hope for caribou, and Indigenous Nations are leading the way to their recovery.

The Saulteau and West Moberly First Nations have developed the world’s most successful caribou recovery program. And the Nations are asking for your support to help them save the caribou from extinction.

Right now, a new Partnership Agreement between the Nations and the federal and provincial governments will see hundreds of thousands of hectares of caribou habitat permanently protected.  Our governments are asking for your input on the Partnership Agreement now.

Please take action to help save endangered caribou.

You can choose one of two ways to participate:

  1. Ready to review materials and participate in the BC government’s engagement survey? Then check out the Draft Partnership Agreement and head over to have your say at: engage.gov.bc.ca/caribou
  2. Don’t have time for the survey? Write a letter of support below – we’ll deliver your letter to the same place as well as to our federal and provincial governments. We’ve provided some points you can use in your letter. Personalized letters are best, so please take a minute to write a message in your own words!

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