Sara-Katherine Coxon

Member at Large

Sara-Katherine Coxon has been engaging diverse audiences in climate through strategic communications and creative content for over a decade. She currently serves as Senior Knowledge Mobilization Officer for the Transition Accelerator, a pan-Canadian organization that works with others to solve societal challenges through positive, transformational system change.

Before joining the Sierra Club BC board of directors, she was Senior Producer and Audience Engagement Manager at Climate One, a weekly podcast and nationwide radio show based in San Francisco. Previously, she helped launch the first sustainable behaviour change action platform at Stanford University, where she led sustainability engagement programs for students and staff. She cut her teeth in Washington, DC, working on climate policy communications for four years at the World Resources Institute.

Raised in what’s known as Ontario and Vermont, Sara-Katherine holds a B.Sc. Honours in Environmental Science from Queen’s University and a Master in Environmental Science & Management from the Bren School at UC Santa Barbara.