British Columbia is entering a new economy based on clean energy. What role will workers, technology, Indigenous communities and businesses play in this next economy? Who will pay for it? How will you take part?

Mission Transition is a podcast that explores this exciting transition to the new clean energy economy. This new mini-series from Sierra Club BC brings you stories from innovators across the province who are moving ahead with solutions for housing, transportation and renewable power.

Moving beyond fossil fuels to the next economy is an opportunity to think about the ways we work, the ways we live and our values for the future. Your hosts Caitlyn Vernon and Susan Elrington hear from workers, business owners and everyday people—while busting common clean energy myths.

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Episode 5: Who Owns Our Power?

In Episode 5 of our podcast Mission Transition we look at who owns our power - and who should own our power.

Episode 3: Jobs in Clean Energy

In Episode 3 we challenge assumptions about energy jobs in BC and talk about what happens to jobs as we shift to the next economy. Which jobs will disappear and how will workers make the transition to clean energy?

Bonus Interview: The Lego Block House

Susan interviews the man who’s building his house out of super energy-efficient hemp lego blocks—and the man whose company makes them.

Episode 2: Building Smarter

Houses made of hemp? Buildings that cut your energy use by 90 percent? In Episode 2 of Sierra Club BC's Mission Transition, we look at how the clean energy economy will change the ways we build.

Episode 1: Electric Vehicles

In the first episode of Sierra Club BC's podcast Mission Transition, we ask: what's the deal with electric vehicles in BC?


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