“We’re in a climate emergency, and to address it we need nothing short of a rapid and wide-reaching transition. Sierra Club BC’s podcast Mission Transition: Clean Energy and Beyond asks some of the big and critical questions this transition brings, with insightful commentary from a spectrum of voices on how we might reimagine our energy future. This series is worth a listen.” – Lisa Helps, Mayor of Victoria

Nearly every day now, we hear of some new innovation moving the world toward clean energy. For many of us, this means installing solar panels, buying an electric vehicle or maybe giving up the car altogether.

But this transition raises many questions most people haven’t even started to consider. What actually counts as clean energy? Who should make decisions about how it’s produced—and how do these projects impact communities? How do we need to rethink land use in a clean energy economy?

Sierra Club BC’s podcast Mission Transition: Clean Energy and Beyond dives into these questions and more with interviews from thinkers and doers who are all passionate about making the transition happen.

Mission Transition is hosted by award-winning former CBC journalist Susan Elrington along with Caitlyn Vernon, Campaigns Director with Sierra Club BC. Subscribe for free today on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast app.

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Get show notes and bonus material for each episode:

Youth Up Front (Season 2, Ep. 1)

Youth today are confronted with a climate crisis they didn’t create. In Episode 1, we hear from young people about their hopes for a post-carbon future.

Bonus Interview: The Solar-Powered Bakery

Susan Elrington talks clean energy with two generations of Royal Bay Bakery owners, who converted their business from top to bottom to be a lean, green, solar-powered machine!

Episode 6 - Community Power: Taking Action

In Episode 6 of our podcast, we hear inspiring plans from Canada's postal worker union for taking on the clean energy economy. And we talk about what you can do to get involved in building this exciting new economy.

How much money are you spending to subsidize the fossil fuel industry?

A lot, it turns out! Federal subsidies to oil and gas corporations have been pegged at $3.3 billion per year. Yes, you read that right. And the BC government offers provincial subsidies to oil and gas corporations to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year, in the form of royalty reductions.

What else could we do with that money? How about building the infrastructure to move away from fossil fuels altogether, and supporting communities through this transition?

The new BC government promised to make climate solutions a priority. Now’s the time for action to end  massive handouts in subsidies to the oil and gas industry, and invest in the clean energy economy instead.

Please send a letter calling on Premier Horgan and BC’s environment and energy ministers to keep their promise to move BC toward a green economy with well-paying jobs across the province:

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