Tell Trudeau: Stop propping up Kinder Morgan’s pipedream!

Prime Minister Trudeau has pledged billions in public funds to buy Kinder Morgan’s dangerous tarsands pipeline and oil tankers project.

It’s outrageous. Our federal government should not be trying to prop up a dangerous proposal that communities don’t want and does not have the consent of First Nations.

Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau need to stop cheerleading for a pipeline and tankers that will lead to oil spills and climate disaster. Trudeau says if he can’t find a buyer by July 22, the government will buy the pipeline. This could cost taxpayers more than $15 billion!

Public funds should be spent on schools, hospitals and clean energy investments – not a leaky, dangerous pipeline and tankers!

It’s all hands on deck to send a strong, clear message: we say NO to bailing out Kinder Morgan!

Tell Trudeau: Stop propping up Kinder Morgan’s pipedream!

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Victoria Ecotourism Outfitter and Environmental Advocates Invite Trudeaus to Bear Witness to Orcas’ Wake

On July 24 marine biologists observed a member of the endangered Salish Sea orcas, known as J35 or Tahlequah, swimming around carrying her dead newborn calf on her back. In an effort to hold Trudeau accountable as a decision maker, Friends of Clayoquot Sound reached out to the South Island ecotourism operator, Ocean Ecoventures, to invite the Trudeaus on a reality tour to bear witness to the orcas’ mournful wake.