Tell your MLA: protect the last remaining old-growth forests!

Every day more than 500 soccer fields of old-growth forest are clearcut in BC. Soon they will have all been cut down and it will be too late to protect these ancient giants.

On September 11, the B.C. Government released the much-awaited report and recommendations from the independent old growth panel, along with some interim steps to protect a number of old growth forests.

Unfortunately, the B.C. Government has not committed to implementing nor funding the Panel’s recommendations and only went part way. Their short-term immediate actions only identified 9 areas for immediate deferral.

Right now, we have the opportunity to make conservation and environmental restoration a cornerstone of the economic recovery for the sake of healthy communities, healthy ecosystems and preventing future disasters. Protecting endangered old-growth forests is a critical part of how we can build back a better BC and create a safe future for all.

There’s no time to waste. Please phone your MLA and call for an immediate moratorium on logging these big, ancient trees!

Calling your MLA is an effective way to get the government to act — and it is as easy as leaving a short message. Everyone has a voice that matters, so please speak up for these big, old trees.

Feel free to pull from our talking points below, or simply speak from the heart. What matters is that you add your voice.

If you’re nervous to call, you can always phone in after business hours and leave a message.

Thanks for speaking up for the trees!

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Talking points

Choose what matters most to you, or simply speak from the heart about why you care about old-growth forests

Why protect old-growth?

  • A recent expert report found that only 3% of old-growth forests with huge, old trees remain in BC. Of the little that remains, only a small fraction is protected from logging.
  • Recent polling shows nine in ten British Columbians support taking action to defend old-growth and want the BC government to keep its promise.
  • Old-growth forests are critical for our health and wellbeing. They provide clean drinking water and air, are filled with medicines and act as a mental refuge in challenging times. Intact old-growth also helps protect communities from water shortages, floods, extreme rainfall, and landslides – risks that are made more likely and more severe by climate change. Protecting forests means protecting the health of our communities.
  • The last of British Columbia’s old-growth forests hold irreplaceable cultural values for Indigenous peoples, critical habitat for endangered species and irrecoverable carbon that has been stored over hundreds of years. They provide unmeasurable benefits for our health and are a key asset of BC’s billion-dollar tourism industry.

The BC government hasn’t committed fully to the old-growth panel’s recommendations, now is an opportunity to call on them to work with Indigenous governments to:

  • Declare a moratorium on logging these endangered ecosystems with big, old trees and remaining intact old-growth areas
  • Fund and support Indigenous-led protected areas and land use visions
  • Invest in a transition to sustainable second-growth forestry that focuses on value over volume, creating more jobs while protecting biodiversity, drinking water, a liveable climate and community safety
  • Ensure any post-pandemic economic stimulus puts people and ecosystem health first so we can build back better, by investing in Indigenous and community-led forestry and forest conservation initiatives rather than subsidizing large companies

Photos by TJ Watt/Ancient Forest Alliance