Pacific Treefrog

Hyla regilla

Pacific Treefrog


Pacific treefrog are small frogs, usually about 5 centimetres long full grown. They can be green, bronze, grey, and all colours in between. They always have a black stripe across their eyes and nose. They have a light coloured belly and long webbed toes.

Range & Habitat

Pacific treefrogs are the most common frogs in B.C., Washington and Oregon. They live in many habitats, including woods, meadows and even cities far away from water, but they need ponds and wetlands in which to lay their eggs.

Diet & Behaviour

Treefrogs eat insects and spiders and their tadpoles eat mostly tiny plants. They can live away from water because their skin has a waxy coating that helps keep them moist; sometimes they eat this wax! They have the loudest and longest call of any frog in B.C., and usually one male frog starts calling with his balloon-like throat pouch and all the others follow.

Lifecycle & Threats

They breed in early spring and summer and the tadpoles grow into adult frogs within two months. If they live where it gets cold in the winter or dry in the summer, they crawl into underground burrows. Bullfrogs, birds and mammals eat treefrogs, and they are sensitive to human threats such as pesticides and other chemicals.


COSEWIC: Not at Risk
CDC: Yellow

More Information

Visit this online interactive learning tool, Seeing Through Watchers Eyes, to learn the SENĆOŦEN name and other stories about this being! We recommend a desktop computer or laptop for ideal viewing. 

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Photo: Patenaude