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Here are new resources that we’ve created to do our part during the COVID-19 outbreak to help parents, caregivers and educators connect kids with nature. Explore these awesome environmental resources and ideas so we can continue our place-based education together! You’ll find several fun and educational activities here per week. (Psst… you can also access these same resources on our new Google Classroom page with the code XULWFC2)

While engaging in these activities, especially when outside of your home, please remember to practice safe physical distancing guidelines, to wash hands frequently and to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 

Southern Mountain Caribou Worksheet

Learn more about the life and habitat of the southern mountain caribou! Download the booklet here.

Greenspace Exploration Journal

Fill out this journal filled with fun nature-based activities to connect with your local greenspace. Download the booklet here.

Salmon Lifecycles

Dive beneath the surface and learn all about Pacific salmon lifecycles with Sierra Club BC! Be sure to have your colouring set ready! Download the booklet here.

Old-Growth Forest Exploration Guide

Calling learners in Grades 6-8! Discover some of the stories behind old-growth forests in BC, from their history to the beings that call them home! Download the booklet here.

Sit Spot Activity

Build a relationship with a particular place in your local community and learn to observe seasonal changes in nature. Download the full and simplified journaling sheet and check out the video down below to learn how to do a sit spot!

Activité de Contemplation de la Nature

Établissez une relation avec un endroit particulier de votre communauté locale et apprenez à observer les changements saisonniers dans la nature. Le document comprend la feuille de journal complète et simplifiée en français.

Coastal Temperate Rainforest Exploration Package

Designed for learners in Grades 3-5, this package includes fun activities
such as artwork, storytelling & poetry. Download the booklet here.

Earth Day Colouring Sheet

Have fun colouring to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Download the colouring sheet here.

Coastal Temperate Rainforest Visualization Activity

Immerse yourself in the sounds, textures and colours of the rainforest! This activity is ideal for kids in Grades 1-5. Download the activity here.

People and Plants-Part 1

Activities about how plants function and the many ways that people engage with them. Ideal for Grades 3-5. Download the package here.

Signs of Spring

Head outside and search for all these signs of spring! Ideal for K-5. Download the activity here.

Les signes du printemps

Sortez dehors et cherchez tous ces signes du printemps! Idéal pour M à 5ème année. Téléchargez l’activité ici.

Ecoprovinces Workbook

This workbook will turn you into an expert on one of B.C.’s fascinating ecoprovinces, using our EcoMap! Ideal for Grades 6-8. Download the workbook here.

Owl Eyes Activity

Ideal for kids in K-5, practice this activity often to improve observation skills and as an antidote to screen time. Along with the instructional video below, download this booklet with written instructions, space to document observations, fun facts and colouring activities.

Ancient Trees of B.C.

Use math to appreciate some of the biggest trees in B.C. and learn to estimate the height of trees in your community. Ideal for Grades 3-8. Download the activity here.

Marine Exploration: Seaweed

Activities to get kids in K-6 thinking about the many uses of seaweed and, if possible, out looking for seaweed on a beach using the included ID cards. Download the package here.

Beach Visualization Activity

Use this cool Beach Visualization Activity to simulate a visit to a beach using many senses. Ideal for K-5 learners. Download the activity here.

Bird Journal

Improve your bird watching skills and learn more about birds through observation and interesting facts. You will find Indigenous concepts, thinking and illustrations offered by kQwa’st’not~Charlene George (tSouke). This is a great resource for K-5 learners at home or at school. Download the booklet here.

Create an Intertidal Zone Poster

This cool poster-making activity about the intertidal zone can replicate or supplement a visit to the beach. Ideal for K-5 learners. We’d love to see photos of completed posters.
Download the booklet here.

Lifecycles and Ecosystems Matching Games

Using visual clues, reading skills and knowledge to complete these matching activities based on beings featured in our Lifecycles and Ecosystems program. Ideal for learners in Grades 1-3. Download the games here.

Make your own hummingbird feeder

A hands-on activity to make a homemade hummingbird feeder that is easy to clean and safe for birds. It is great for Grades 3 and up, though younger kids could do it alongside an adult. Download the instructions here.

Signs of Autumn

Head outside and see how many of these signs of autumn you can observe by using all your senses. Ideal for K-5. Download the activity here.

Les signes de l’automne

Allez dehors et voyez combien de ces signes d’automne vous pouvez observer en utilisant tous vos sens. Idéal pour M à 5ème année. Téléchargez l’activité ici.

Vancouver Island Marmot

Learn about the habitat of this amazing being, its significance to Indigenous peoples, and why it is critically endangered. Plus, learn how to draw the Vancouver Island Marmot through a webinar we hosted in October 2020, ideal for kids and adults alike!

Bocaccio Rockfish

Learn about the underwater world of this less well-known fish, its fascinating body structure, and what you can do to help ensure its population can thrive. This package is designed to complement a how-to-draw webinar featuring the Bocaccio Rockfish, from November 2020, great for all ages from 5 to 95!


Dive into learning about the this majestic being, the largest member of the dolphin family, and how we can work together to show respect through our actions. This package is designed to complement a how-to-draw webinar featuring the orca, from November 2020, perfect for all ages 5 and up!

Guide to a waste-less holiday season

Use these practical ideas to reduce waste, support your local community and build a more reciprocal relationship with the natural world this holiday season and beyond. Download this guide for youth and adults to implement with people of all ages here.

Winter Solstice

Learn about how winter solstice is celebrated by people around the world and how our relatives (including bear, camas, and butterflies) spent the winter months. Ideal for Grades 3-8. Download this resources here.

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