Elk Valley mine

Right now, billion dollar global giants like Teck Resources are relentlessly extracting coal and contaminating river systems with toxic selenium pollution while our government turns a blind eye.

The Elk Valley, located in the heart of BC’s southern Rocky Mountains in Ktunaxa Territory, is home to world class wildlife habitat, fishing and profound natural landscapes. But drinking water, wildlife and communities on both sides of the Canada-US border are under serious threat today from existing coal mines and proposed new mines and mine expansions.

Communities should not have to deal with impacts like black rain from coal dust falling across neighborhoods and polluted drinking water. Selenium pollution from mining is also causing birth defects in birds like American dippers and deformities in westslope cutthroat trout, a popular species for local fishing listed under the Species at Risk Act due to its declining stocks.

So why is the BC government giving coal giants a free pass to pollute some of the most stunning rivers in the world? Letting Teck violate permits and contaminate water while our government entertains proposals to expand coal mining is unacceptable.

Enough is enough.

Please tell the BC government you expect no coal mining expansion in the Elk Valley until pollution is brought under control.

Say No to New Coal Mines in the Elk Valley!

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  • Elk River Valley (Mark Stevens)

  • Kookanusa reservoir water testing (Jayce Hawkins/The Narwhal)

  • Waste rock piles at Teck coal mine (Jayce Hawkins/The Narwhal)

  • Trout deformities from selenium (Jayce Hawkins/The Narwhal)

VIDEO: “Coal Valley: The story of BC’s quiet water contamination crisis” (Read the full story in The Narwhal)

Coal Valley: The story of B.C.’s quiet water contamination crisisCoal Valley: The story of B.C.’s quiet water contamination crisis

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