Vote for forests! Make old-growth an election issue

A snap election has been called in B.C. and you have the power to make forests a major election issue.

Old-growth forests, and the web of life they hold, lie at the heart of countless communities. After hearing from people all across B.C. last winter, an independent panel found a high consensus across the province: a paradigm shift in how we relate to forests is needed if we are to protect biodiversity and the last remaining old-growth forests.

As party leaders start campaigning, they need to be reminded this report’s recommendations provide a blueprint for how they can work with Indigenous governments to save these culturally and ecologically significant forests within three years.

Time is of the essence. Only 3% of old-growth forests with huge, old trees remain in B.C.—and most are still slated to be logged.

Please add your voice today calling for all parties to commit to working alongside Indigenous governments to immediately defer logging endangered old-growth forests and to implement the independent panel’s recommendations with full funding.

Together, we can protect these ancient and vibrant ecosystems for future generations.

Your letter will be sent to major party leaders John Horgan (NDP), Andrew Wilkinson (Liberal Party), Sonia Furstenau (Green Party) and Trevor Bolin (Conservative Party).

Send a letter to B.C. party leaders today