La’goot (Spencer Greening)

Member at Large

Spencer Greening (La’goot) is from the Tsimshian community of the Gitga’at First Nation (Hartley Bay), and has worked professionally within his nation for several years. He previously sat on elected leadership council, regularly engaging in government to government relations, and acting as a community spokesperson. He also held the role of community research coordinator where he managed several legal and cultural research projects for the Gitga’at working with Indigenous knowledge systems, Indigenous rights and title, and language revitalization.

Spencer is currently a Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Environment at Simon Fraser University, where he is studying the relationship between Gitga’at Traditional Ecological Knowledge, language, and history in the context of Indigenous resource management. He has recently been recognized as a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar. His broader research interests include Indigenous governance and legal systems, cultural and political identities, and Indigenous oral histories. All of his work revolves around his deep connection to his home community, elders, territories, and the self-determination and decolonization of Indigenous peoples. He continues to be actively engaged with cultural roles and work within the community of Hartley Bay and the greater Tsimshian Nation, while finding his own voice within academia.