Kamila Suchomel

Member at Large

Kamila is a project management-savvy communications strategist and eagle-eyed editor whose practice and expertise sit at the nexus of knowledge translation, policy, and advocacy for social and environmental justice. With nearly a decade of international experience working across communications, marketing, and operations for educational institutions, mission-driven organizations, and impact-focused start-ups, she weaves a wealth of interdisciplinary insight into her work.

At present, Kamila is working with UBC’s Faculty of Arts Development and Alumni Engagement team to uplift the importance of liberal arts programs in building inclusive and equitable societies. From 2022–2023, she had the privilege to complete a maternity leave fill contract as Senior Communications Advisor with BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner. Here, she undertook training in Trauma-Informed Practice and Indigenous Cultural Safety, both of which now inform her work. Overall, her career has seen her getting involved with topics such as employment equity, the rise of hate in the pandemic, human rights legal interventions, impact investing and entrepreneurship, and even fluvial geomorphology.

Kamila’s professional experience is bolstered by degrees in International Development Studies and International Relations and Diplomacy. She has volunteered for the International Association for Political Science Students as a think thank member and in an editorial capacity, and she has spoken at international academic conferences on the topic of narratives in humanitarian communication on social media.

In her spare time, Kamila is learning the ins and outs of being a new cat owner and deploying futile efforts to keep the crime rate at the hands of her rambunctious orange feline down. She is also always plotting her next adventure into the wilderness, whether it be on skis in the winter or on her own two feet in the summer.