Player Stats

ICON – Solar panels and wind turbines
SUPERPOWER – Knows almost everybody
FUN FACT – An avid birder who has seen rare piping plovers
CHALLENGE – Shift our economy toward post-carbon prosperity
STRATEGY – Defend nature, inspire people and end fossil fuel dependence

Game Plan

Sierra Club BC has a ten-point plan for transition to a post-carbon world. This year we organized the WSANEC gathering to support steps toward reconciliation while opposing pipelines and tankers, called out the provincial government for its Climate Inaction Plan, promoted old-growth forest conservation as a key climate action, and advocated for federal and provincial climate tests to limit emissions.

Next year, we’ll start work on a new land use designation to keep unburnable carbon in the ground. Your donation will help us with research, consultations, legal work and advocacy as we continue supporting communities to choose sustainable energy alternatives.