Player Stats

ICON – Orca
SUPERPOWER – Speaks from the heart
FUN FACT – Once taught a co-worker to do cartwheels in the office
CHALLENGE – Stop new pipelines and keep oil tankers off our coast
STRATEGY – Shift policy, build coalitions and throw good parties

Game Plan

In 2016, First Nations won court challenges funded by Sierra Club BC’s Pull Together campaign, marking another nail in the coffin of the Northern Gateway pipeline. We galvanized more than 10,000 people to send letters to the Prime Minister and almost 400 people to call the federal environment minister opposing the Petronas fracked gas terminal. We mobilized hundreds to be part of the 91.4% to speak against the Kinder Morgan pipeline at the summer hearings.

In 2017, your donation will help us stage all-candidates debates prior to the provincial election. We’ll also target policies that are blocking a rapid transition to a low-carbon economy, using innovative engagement tools to build a groundswell of public pressure on politicians to act.