Indigenous Peoples Day 2021

 SCBC’s invitation to see things differently

June 21st marks Indigenous Peoples Day. In honour of this, the Sierra Club BC Education team has created a four-page resource that invites engagement with this day in a variety of ways.

This resource can be shared and engaged with at any pace. It is aimed to be accessible to a variety of ages and holds many gifts. We have compiled many resources both for learning and for action. From learning about some of our beautiful non-human relatives to petitions and actions to be involved with, this gift is abundant. We hope this gift can serve as an opening to doing the work of decolonizing both minds and lands and working towards being in genuine reciprocal and good relation.

We know that one day is not enough. Today is just a beginning. We invite this learning to continue after sunset today. We hope this resource aids in seeing through a new lens; one that is able to be carried forward.


< O > Has several parts (Prezi, literature review and executive summary) creating comfort for the scholarly lense

< O > Helps to bridge the gaps that have divided the mainstream environmental movement for Indigenous and diverse peoples​

< O > Provides an invitation to embrace the time of grey …. wisdom blended with action..​

< O > Encourages humans to take a pathway towards Seeing Through Watchers’ Eyes​

Introduction to Indigenous Peoples Day

Click here to begin learning about protocol

Invitation to protocol

Click here to learn and understand some of
the complexities of protocol

Gift of many resources

Click here to access a list of resources prepared for Indigenous People’s Day

Closing questions plus Seeing Through Watchers Eyes invitation

Click here to access a guide for this online interactive learning tool and closing questions


Gratitude to all the many hands, hearts and minds that have picked up the many ‘breadcrumbs’ left us by the Ancestors.

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