Erica Pinsky


Erica Pinsky B.A., MSc, CHRP spent 17 years igniting conversations that build respect at work.  As a speaker, trainer, author and consultant she provided a full range of customized services and solutions to eliminate discrimination, harassment, bullying and destructive conflict in the workplace.

Her highly acclaimed book “Road to Respect: Path to Profit”  is filled with engaging stories, powerful insights and concrete strategies for achieving sustainable success in today’s highly challenging and diverse business environment. A professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Erica was a Top Ten finalist in North America’s Next Greatest Speaker contest 2012.

Erica was a regular contributor to Respectfulworkplace.com, and has been featured in HRIQ, Business in Vancouver, BC Business Magazine, the Globe and Mail, The Economic Times of India, and Canadian Retailer.

In 2010 she participated as a mentor for the Women in Leadership foundation mentorship program and as a Community Leader at the Minerva Learning to Lead Weekend in May 2012. In December 2013 she was appointed to the City of Vancouver Women’s Advisory Committee and in 2015 she joined the University Women’s Club of Vancouver, where she was co-chair of the Status of Women & Human Rights Committee.

Erica retired from The Respect Business in 2016. She continues to promote respect for people and the planet through social justice and environmental activism. Since 2014 she has been devoting the majority of her time to the study of classical yoga