Mountain Goat

The Boreal Plains

The Boreal Plains are similar to the Taiga Plains ecoprovince, but the winters are slightly milder and there are less Arctic-like muskeg wetlands. The winters are still cold and long compared to the rest of BC, but the summers are quite dry and sunny.

Parts of the Boreal Plains are covered in prairie grasslands and plateaus, while the forests are black and white spruce or thick aspen parklands. These grasslands and forests are home to many birds that feed and nest throughout the summer and migrate southward in the winter.




PromoScience: National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

PromoScience offers support for organizations who work with youth to promote the sciences and engineering. By supporting our hands on, science-based ecology programs, PromoScience has helped Sierra Club expand program delivery and reach students in grades K-12 with our Temperate Rainforest Ecosystem Education (TREE), Climate Change, Going Wild, and Water Sustainability programs. NSERC is one of the country’s leading agencies for science and research.