Invest in a Brighter Future

Taking meaningful action to address the ecological crisis requires a long term investment—one that Sierra Club BC is committed to making.

If you would like to invest in the safety and prosperity of future generations, you can invest in our work knowing your funds are having the greatest impact possible.

Divesting from fossil fuels and donating securities, gifts of stock or real estate are excellent ways you can make sure your investments are helping the forests, oceans and rivers we love.

Make a bigger impact by donating securities and mutual funds

A donation of securities or mutual fund shares is the most efficient way to give charitably. With a donation of securities or mutual funds, capital gains tax does not apply, allowing you to give more and avoid paying capital gains taxes.  To donate stock, please use this form.

Divest your fossil fuel investments by donating them to Sierra Club BC

None of us wants a future at the expense of the health and wellbeing of the next generation. More and more people are choosing to move their investments out of fossil fuels. They’ve realized it’s not only good for the planet – it’s also a smart investment decision.

We especially encourage individuals wanting to divest their investment in fossil fuel funds to donate them directly to Sierra Club BC.  Learn more about divesting in our article here.  To get started, simply fill out this form and contact Gabrielle Vacheresse at gifts[at]sierraclub.bc.ca or 778-996-8033.

Donate gifts of property or real estate to Sierra Club BC

Sierra Club BC will also accept gifts that can be sold at auction or on the open market.  For example, inherited property can be donated, which Sierra Club BC will sell and transform into liquid assets to be used at the discretion of our Board of Directors.  Gifts of real estate can also be included in your own Will and Estate plans.

As per CRA rules, Sierra Club BC cannot issue a tax receipt for donations of property, artwork, or real estate without a professional appraisal.  It is our current policy that appraisals must be done at the expense of the donor to ensure no liability on the part of Sierra Club BC.  If you wish to make a donation of property, please contact Gabrielle Vacheresse at gifts[at]sierraclub.bc.ca or 778-996-8033.

Sierra Club of BC Foundation’s registered charitable number is 11914 9797 RR0001