Support Tła̱lita̱’las, Mark, Flossie and Anjali — SCBC campaigners currently at COP26!

The United Nations global climate summit (COP26) in Glasgow is bringing together almost every country on earth, along with media, climate leaders and policymakers. Right now Canadian and British Columbian governments are failing to keep their promises on reconciliation and climate action by pushing forward fossil fuel projects, promising bogus solutions like emission caps, allowing the continued logging of endangered ecosystems and fighting land claims.

We are bringing old-growth logging and climate justice issues in B.C. to this international stage.

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Will you help us pay for the travel and lodging expenses of SCBC climate justice lead Anjali Appadurai, campaigner Mark Worthing, lead organizer Flossie Baker, and forest relations coordinatorTła̱lita̱’las Karissa Glendale during COP26?

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