Desiree Lawson

Member at Large

Kániɫkas, Desiree Lawson, is a mom of two, a wife, daughter, sister, cousin, and auntie to many!

She is currently in her second year of her master’s in Resource and Environmental Management (REM) in the Faculty of Environment in the Coastal Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab (CMEC) at Simon Fraser University (SFU). She is also in the Indigenous Languages immersion program (INLG) for Haíɫzaqḷa through SFU in her home community of Bella Bella.

She applies that knowledge to her research in ancestral λápac̓i̓ – clam gardens in her traditional Haíɫzaqv territory. With a prioritization on how to continue caring for λápac̓í that her ancestors created for future generations.

Desiree is passionate about ensuring that the gifts her ancestors left for her continue to be cared for in a way that her children, grandchildren, and so on can continue to rely on clams for a healthy, sustainable food source into the future. Considering climate change and predictions of sea-level rise, Desiree is assessing how her traditional territory and λápac̓í will be affected. Also, how we can learn from our neighbouring Nations to augment the rock walls of the λápac̓í in her territory.

Desiree has received a diploma in Resource and Environmental Management (RMOT) and a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Protection, both from Vancouver Island University (VIU). She has received a graduate fellowship from SFU. As well as a student ocean award from Raincoast.