Did you know that British Columbia is losing 600 hectares of agricultural land per year?

Only a small portion of B.C.’s total landmass is suitable for agriculture, and less than half of the province’s protected agricultural land is actually used for farming.

Land used to grow food in B.C. is a limited resource that is frequently targeted by developers, investors, and other non-farming interests. These competing pressures have driven farmland prices up to record highs. They have also led to a severe decline in the soil quality, impacting B.C.’s food sovereignty.

So, what does this have to do with Sierra Club BC? Healthy topsoil is by far the most biodiverse material on the planet: a single teaspoon of it contains up to 6 billion microorganisms. But more importantly, a thriving and sustainable agricultural sector is incredibly important if we want to build more resilient communities across the province.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us how easily supply chains can be broken. With increasing climate impacts and ongoing conflicts around the world, food sovereignty has never been more important. This is why Sierra Club BC and the National Farmers Union (NFU) are joining forces to work on protecting B.C.’s farmland and ensuring the next generation of farmers can keep putting food on everyone’s tables.

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