Great Bear Rainforest and Haida Gwaii

Call for a Strong Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework with the Power to Protect

From now until January 31, members of the public have a window of time to weigh in on how the government protects ecosystems and biodiversity.  

Right now, the province is consulting with First Nations, industry, and the public on the draft Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework and related actions, in particular legislation co-developed with First Nations to give effect to the framework.  

With the right commitments, the Framework could finally start to resolve the significant gaps in legislation and policy that are responsible for so many species and ecosystems being so close to the brink. 

Your voice matters a lot right now. Some industry reps would like to weaken government commitments. We need your help to ensure this long-overdue Framework is a win for the animals and ecosystems so essential to the lands and waters and our collective well-being. 

With your help, we can restore healthy relationships with the lands, waters, salmon, bears, and all those we share this home with. Please take action today. 

We encourage you to personalize your letter so that your message goes even farther. 

Read the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework here.

We wrote a letter for you, but if you would like to personalize it here are some talking points to help get you started:

  • Indigenous rights, jurisdiction, laws, and knowledge must be respected at every step. 
  • Acknowledge B.C.’s commitment to making UNDRIP and DRIPA foundational to the Framework. There must be no resource extraction without consent. 
  • This Framework must include funding to support Nations who wish to defer old growth logging in their territory, and the advancement of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas. 

We need government to follow through on their commitment to new legislation co-developed with First Nations: 

  • The BC Government must follow through on their commitment to new biodiversity and ecosystem health legislation.  
  • This legislation must create new tools and classifications that enhance the protection and care of species and ecosystems.  
  • This law needs to be co-developed with First Nations, with a whole-of-government approach and focused on protecting ecosystems and species over timber values. 
  • The government needs to champion biodiversity and ecosystem health at every step, counteracting industry interests that want to maintain the current status quo. 

We call for the B.C. government to include the following in their plan: 

  • Clear goals with measurable targets and specific timelines. 
  • For example, timelines for ecosystem-based targets that include such measures as forest productivity categories.  
  • Direct instructions to planning groups to prioritize biodiversity and ecosystem health in all decisions, especially to protect the most vulnerable species and ecosystems promptly. 
  • A commitment to establish the Office of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health by the end of the Spring legislative session. This office should receive adequate staff, funding, and authority over those making natural resource decisions to fulfill its duties. 

The B.C. government is listening, and they want to hear from you

Featured photo by Andrew S. Wright.