Great Bear Rainforest and Haida Gwaii

Call for a provincial law that prioritizes biodiversity and ecosystems!

British Columbia is the most biodiverse province in Canada and home to the most species at risk of extinction. From breathtaking Southern resident orca families to mighty woodland caribou herds to towering old-growth forests, the beings whose homes we share are at risk of being lost forever. 
Despite having over 1,900 species and ecosystems on the brink, B.C. does not have a provincial law to meaningfully protect biodiversity. Let’s change that. 
The current system is comprised of a patchwork of laws that prioritizes industrial resource extraction over the health of the land, air and water, and the wellbeing of our communities. It also undermines Indigenous legal orders and governance. 
There’s a clear solution for a better path forward: A new, province-wide law co-developed with Indigenous Nations that prioritizes biodiversity and ecosystem health. 
The good news is that the B.C. government recognizes the need and has committed to new legislation. The bad news is that they have yet to follow through. Will you hold them accountable?   
A comprehensive biodiversity protection law that centres ecological integrity and Indigenous governance would be transformational for B.C. The law could shift the paradigm from last-ditch efforts to recover a single species to focus on supporting the entire interconnected web of life. This in turn will protect all species and prevent them from becoming endangered in the first place.  
Biodiversity legislation that works alongside Indigenous legal orders and supports Indigenous-led conservation efforts could finally address the policy gaps that have contributed to the extinction and climate crises. In short, this biodiversity legislation is vital to creating a healthy, liveable future. 
Send a letter asking your MLA and key Ministers to work with Indigenous Nations to enact a law that prioritizes biodiversity and ecosystem health. We encourage you to personalize your letter so that your message goes even farther.  
With your help, we can restore healthy relationships with the waters, salmon, bears and all those we share this home with. Please take action today.

Your letter will be sent to Premier David Eby; Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, George Heyman; Minister of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship, Nathan Cullen; Minister of Energy, Mines, and Low Carbon Innovation, Josie Osbourne; and your local MLA. 

Send a message now.

Featured photo by Andrew S. Wright.