Growing Into Balance

Sierra Club BC’s Strategic Plan: 2020-2023

Sierra Club BC is thrilled to announce our new strategic plan. Growing into Balance reflects our ongoing journey of transformation. With this plan, we seek to transform by way of growing and introducing elements that will bring our work more fully into balance.

In it, you’ll find themes that many have come to know and trust in our work. These core elements won’t change dramatically – what will change more is how we do the work, by striving to shift our organizational culture.

We invite supporters to read our plan to learn more about these changes and why we are making them. And we ask for your support in helping us achieve it.

Our ongoing transformation

This organizational shift reflects our goals of centring environmental justice and better recognizing, understanding and upholding Indigenous law and jurisdiction.

We’ve begun this work and will move more deeply into it by investing time and resources into emphasizing diversity, equity and inclusion in our recruitment, engagement and partnership building, learning from the Indigenous governance systems where we live and work, and allowing diverse voices and knowledge systems to become infused into who we are and how we work.

Our plan

Striving for humility, we’ll widen our circle by listening to—and learning from—different points of view and centring the voices of those most impacted by the climate crisis. Wherever possible and invited, we’ll work with Indigenous peoples, rural communities, networked groups, and marginalized communities.

We’ll deepen our engagement with communities through relational organizing, meaningful storytelling, and nurturing leadership for climate action and community resilience. Finding common ground in the climate crisis is essential and we’ll strive for this in our communications.

While continuing to connect children with nature through environmental education, we’ll increase our support of youth to become effective climate advocates and nurture a culture of respect for the interdependence of all living beings.

We’ll maintain a focus on protecting ecosystems and old-growth forests, strong climate policy, leaving fossil fuels in the ground and advocating for a just transition to a sustainable, resilient economy. We’ll increase our emphasis on supporting Indigenous-led conservation and areas key for food and fresh water. While continuing to base our place-based and policy campaigns strongly in science, we commit to balancing this with other ways of seeing and knowing.

Lastly, we’ll continue to strengthen our ability to do this work through commitments to financial sustainability, a culture of learning, accountability and adaptive planning.

Sierra Club BC’s Executive Director Hannah Askew has written a reflection that talks about the process we undertook to create this plan together. Please read it here.

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In this plan, you will find the wisdom of many beings who are guiding this work. These teachings, and the beings that represent them, have been gifted to us by tSouke knowledge keeper kQwa’st’not~Charlene George, who has offered us the gift of her cultural guidance and artwork. Scroll through to explore these teachings below.

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All artwork by kQwa’st’not~Charlene George—cultural guide and member of the t’Sou-ke peoples.

Produced in January 2020 by Sierra Club BC.