A Pathway Together


< O > a bridge to environmental movement for moving forward together….​

< O > “to identify & create innovative approaches to intercultural climate engagement using Indigenous & diverse lenses” (E. Jackson, 2021)​

< O > encourages humans to take a pathway towards Seeing Through Watchers’ Eyes​

< O > an invitation to embrace the time of grey …. wisdom blended with action..​

The following Prezi, literature review and executive summary are coming to life to help ENGOs in their decolonization process. The toolkit, which includes an electronic Prezi guide and print resources, will help to bridge the gaps that have divided the mainstream environmental movement from Indigenous and diverse populations.

A Pathway Together is a collaborative work by Elizabeth Jackson (Modoc & Hupa & European ancestry enrolled with Klamath Tribes) &
Charlene George ~ kQwa’st’not (Coast Salish & NuuChaNulth & European ancestry with tSouk Nation)

This scholarly work celebrates & builds on work started in Seeing Through Watchers’ Eyes

We invite you to explore A Pathway Together

In a time of climate & justice crisis, the only question we can ask is: ​

Where do we start?

Wild Woman’s Eyes are inviting your intercultural lens to travel along a pathway towards blending wisdom with action. The language of APT creates bridges specifically for ENGO, NGO & institutions of learning.

An invitation

A barrier (both physical & non-physical) has been placed to surround ‘nature’ which maintains a separateness. APT invites you into a relationship from an intercultural lens that reimagines what a future pathway could be. Yes, there is beauty in our ‘present’ world but along the way to ‘progress’ many relatives & relationships have been sacrificed.

Quotes from APT

  • Slide #75: “re-imagine what our relationship with” the world around us could be.
    • What is your current relationship?
    • How can this relationship transform & grow?
  • Slide #26: “thinking, questioning & re-designing” are necessary for the pathway where we all move forward together.
    • What does this mean for you?
    • For your community?
  • Slide #71: “deficit theory which sees Western-based” construct where others are the problem.
    • How does this compare to Indigenous thinking “our ways of knowing—are valid and important”?
    • Central to APT’s creation.
  • We are invited to borrow Wild Woman’s eyes to see & hear in a new way (Slide #21).
    • In a moment of pause, how can we re-imagine what has value?


Gratitude to all the many hands, hearts and minds that have picked up the many ‘breadcrumbs’ left us by the Ancestors.

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