Old-growth logging: A threat to orca whales?

There’s a new threat to orca whales on BC’s coast, and it’s probably not what you think. BC’s northern resident orcas have a long and important cultural tradition of rubbing themselves on certain beaches on northern Vancouver Island. But the beaches that these sensitive, highly intelligent creatures visit to rub themselves are threatened by old-growth logging.

Hitting the ground laughing: Volunteering with Sierra Club BC

Our Victoria and Volunteer teams have been hitting the streets to build the movement to defend old-growth forests on Vancouver Island. Lead Organizer Galen Armstrong shares about the clipboard-infused fun they've been up to... and how you can get involved.

Rainforest Island?

Time is running out for Vancouver Island’s globally rare endangered old-growth rainforest. The new BC government must act quickly for the rainforest, communities and the climate, before it’s too late.