Vancouver Island old-growth logging speeding up

Time is running out to safeguard Vancouver Island’s highly endangered, globally rare old-growth rainforest. A new Sierra Club BC review shows logging of remaining old-growth rainforest on public and private lands on Vancouver Island is increasing.

Event: Save BC's Endangered Old-Growth Forest!

On January 11, join us at Patagonia Vancouver to find out how you can help save BC's endangered rainforest. Come hear from Tyson Atleo, member of the Ahousaht First Nation and program lead for The Nature Conservancy about First Nation-led land use planning in Ahousaht territory, Clayoquot Sound. Take part in a conversation about the state of the forest and the solutions that are possible.

Vancouver Island old-growth logging increased more than 10 per cent in 2016

A new Sierra Club BC review showed that logging of remaining old-growth rainforest on public and private lands on Vancouver Island jumped to 10,700 hectares in 2016. This number is more than 10 per cent higher than the annual average in the 10-year period 2005–2015 and equivalent to more than 26 Stanley Parks.

Let's Talk Forests

Join us to talk about how we can make forestry in a changing climate work for communities, Indigenous peoples and ecosystems.

It doesn’t have to be a carbon offset

It’s summer, and that means a lot of travel for families and communities. Have you considered buying carbon credits to offset some of your emissions? As an alternative, consider supporting Sierra Club BC’s work toward lasting protection of Vancouver Island’s carbon-rich endangered old-growth rainforest.

We have to protect all of the world’s rainforests, not just tropical rainforests

Most of us have heard about how rainforests are in trouble and the rapid rate at which we are losing these spectacular ecosystems, along with the incredible diversity of species that depend on them. Close to home, very few know that the remaining old-growth forest on Vancouver Island is disappearing faster than natural tropical rainforests.