50 Places, 50 Stories

50 Places, 50 Stories

As Sierra Club BC marks fifty years of conservation work, we raise our hands to the longtime Indigenous stewards of fifty special places in BC. In many cases, Sierra Club BC and our partners have also played a role in helping protect these places. In some cases, it’s clear there is still much work to be done to truly protect their ecological and cultural values in a way that respects Indigenous rights and jurisdiction.

For millennia, Indigenous peoples have stewarded the lands and waters many of us now call home. From clam gardens to Garry oak meadows to subalpine berry patches, their efforts have shaped the natural environment to provide for the needs of humans and other beings.

Through Indigenous Guardian programs and sharing of deep and specialized knowledge between generations, Indigenous peoples continue to lead the way in conservation.

We invite you to celebrate these stories with us and find out how you can help create more lasting solutions for conservation now and into the future.

Beginning in May 2019, we’ll be posting new stories each week on this page and on social media. Follow Sierra Club BC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and comment on our posts with your own stories of these places with the hashtag #50Places.

Planning a visit?

We encourage you to get outside and connect with nature in some of these spectacular places.

Indigenous Nations each have their own unique protocols and expectations of visitors to their territories. In some places, respectful visitors may be welcome. You are encouraged to enjoy the world class tourism opportunities offered by many Nations. Visitors may also be asked not to enter certain areas that are culturally or ecologically sensitive.

When planning a visit to a place, we encourage you to find out whose territory it is, and what being a respectful and responsible visitor looks like in their territory.

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50 Places Project: Columbia River

The Columbia River is the largest river in North America’s Pacific Northwest. The sprawling watershed has been used as a primary hub of transportation and trade linking many different Indigenous peoples since ancient times. The river is known as swah'netk'qhu (the big river) by the Sinixt people of the Arrow Lakes area.