Timeline of Sierra Club BC attempts to view Lemare Lake Logging’s site plans for its East Creek operations

Oct 23-28: Mark Worthing (MW) of Sierra Club BC (SCBC) visits East Creek to document Lemare Lake Logging (LLL) operations.

Late Nov: MW contacts FLNRO staff in Port McNeill, who advise SCBC to contact LLL to acquire site plans, per Section 11 of the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA).

Dec 7: MW phones and emails LLL requesting site plan for East Creek. LLL asked for MW’s credentials before they would consider sharing information. CC’d FLNRO Operations Manager in Port McNeill.

Dec 14: MW emails reminder of inquiry to LLL. No Reply.

Dec 17: 2nd email reminder. No Reply.

Jan 12: Reply from FLNRO, saying they talked to LLL, who would contact MW shortly.

Jan 12: LLL’s Eric Dutcyvich (ED) calls MW. Makes inquiries about MW’s personal life and credentials.

Jan 13: MW emails ED, CC FLNRO staff, offering two dates for a meeting: Jan 25 or Feb 1.

Jan 19: ED emails MW, ignoring MW’s dates, saying he will get back to MW with three or four dates that work for review.

Jan 26: ED emails MW proposing either Feb 19 or Mar 4 (both Fridays at 3:00 pm).

Jan 27: MW replies to ED, choosing Mar 4.  Provided list of types of documents would like to see.  No reply or confirmation.

Mar 1: MW emails ED to confirm Mar 4 meeting.

Mar 1: Reply from LLL cancelling, citing last minute engagement in Campbell River and need to reschedule.

Mar 2: MW emails ED expressing frustration at last minute cancellation.  Offers to meet in Campbell River on Mar 4 or Monday Mar 7 at LLL offices in Port McNeill.

Mar 2: ED emails MW, saying plan for Mar 7, and that he will call the next day. He does not.

Mar 3: ED emails MW, saying LLL will need more time for his information request.  Cancels Mar 7 meeting.  Proposes Mar 14 or 18.  Questions MW’s sincerity and claims LLL does not trust his approach.

Mar 4: MW emails ED, explaining his frustration in accessing information that LLL is required to provide by FRPA.  Commits to rescheduling for Mar 14 or 18.

Mar 10: MW emails ED asking if LLL could simply send the basic site plan via email or fax.  Explains that Mar 14 or 18 do not work with his schedule.

Mar 16: Email reply from ED, saying site plan is available at the office as per FRPA, stating they “do not email legal documents of this nature.” Asks MW to put forward a couple of dates this spring and they will try to accommodate.

Mar 21: MW replies confirming he will do that.

Mar 31: North Island MLA Claire Trevena calls FLNRO District Manager to discuss issue.  Manager says he will discuss with Lemare to make sure Sierra Club BC has access to documents.

April 4: Ann-Marie Baron (AMB) from LLL emails MW to see if date has been chosen.

April 4: MW replies asking again if LLL can email or fax site plans.  No reply.

Apr 11: MW emails about providing site plans via fax or email.

Apr 12: Email from AMB restating that LLL does not email or fax legal documents and that they are available in the office.

Apr 13: Community member Josh Terry, working with Sierra Club BC, goes to LLL office in Port McNeill to ask for site plans. Is refused.