Don’t allow the oil industry to water down or kill the north coast tanker ban!

Let’s not fall at the final tanker ban hurdle

Right now, oil industry lobbyists are crawling all over Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Their goal is to water down—or worse, kill—tanker ban legislation (Bill C-48) that is currently being studied by a parliamentary committee.

Prime Minister Trudeau, Transport Minister Garneau and all MPs on the committee need to hear your voice, loud and clear. If enough people write, we can counter the oil industry’s dirty money and influence.

After coming so far, we are so close to a legislated tanker ban in the Great Bear Rainforest: we cannot fall at this last hurdle! Call on Prime Minister Trudeau to keep his promise.

Send your letter today. For background, here’s what the oil industry is saying and here’s an analysis of the legislation by our friends at West Coast Environmental Law.

Tell the committee they cannot allow the oil industry lobbyists to weaken Bill C-48 in any way.

Thank you.

Send your letter now!

Don’t allow the oil industry to water down or kill Bill C-48!

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