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Tell the B.C. government: We can’t afford Site C!

It’s finally happening—thanks to your persistence, the Site C megadam is up for review by the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC). After the review is complete, B.C.’s cabinet ministers will decide the fate of Site C.

This dam is the most expensive public project in B.C. history.

Hydro users are already facing alarming rate increases—before this $9 billion megadam saddles B.C. with at least 70 years of debt. And based on average cost overruns, Site C could cost closer to $17 billion!

We will all end up footing the bill through skyrocketing hydro rates for power we don’t need.

The BCUC is examining the cost of Site C to BC Hydro ratepayers. They’re also looking at the cost of alternatives—including wind, solar, geothermal and energy conservation—should B.C. someday need more electricity.

The simple truth is that Site C represents 1950s thinking applied to 2017 challenges. The alternatives are far cheaper and provide more long term jobs than Site C.

There are many other reasons this project should be stopped: loss of food-producing land, loss of critical wildlife habitat, and irreparable destruction of First Nations’ cultural heritage and land.

These all add up to an inconceivable loss that British Columbians can’t afford.

We have a critical moment to cut our losses and reshape B.C.’s energy future for the next hundred years.

This project can be stopped – but we have to act quickly.

We need to flood the inboxes of the cabinet ministers who will soon be making a decision on this project.

Don’t delay, send your letter now!

Tell the BC government: We can't afford Site C!

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    Premier John Horgan, Minister Michelle Mungall, Minister George Heyman, Minister Scott Fraser, Minister Lana Popham
  • We’ve drafted some sample text to help you with your letter, although personalized letters are always best. The BCUC is most interested in the economic impacts and cost to BC Hydro ratepayers, so the more you can share about how this project will affect your pocketbook, the better!
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