A Sustainability Education Program: For the Preservation of Life on Earth

Presented by the Connecting Communities Association

By Sierra Club BC Volunteer Jody Holmes

April 2017

The Connecting Communities Association (CCA) has been developed to increase awareness about environmental issues and educate youth about the importance of sustainable development. The Sustainability Education Program (SEP) is the primary education and outreach tool of the Prince George-based CCA. The program covers a wide variety of topics that will help students gain a clear understanding of why the environment is so important for the human species. Students will gain a genuine appreciation for the natural world which supports all the living organisms on Planet Earth.

Once students learn to respect and appreciate nature they will be inspired to preserve the natural systems that enable life to exist. The program is designed to teach students how they can contribute to creating a sustainable future, and empowers them to do so by showing them examples of sustainable development initiatives that are happening in their community.

Opening up to our natural surroundings. Photo by Staci Lloyd.

The CCA is excited to be developing a Sustainability Education Program during a time when a new curriculum is being implemented into the BC public school system. The CCA is very happy to see that the new curriculum has incorporated some aspects that are focused on sustainability and we believe that our Sustainability Education Program aligns very well with the goals outlined by the BC Ministry of Education.

The SEP is well suited to improve the scientific literacy of students by presenting to them the beauty and importance of the natural world; by inspiring them to continuously learn about local and global environmental issues; and by encouraging them to question things they are unsure of. The SEP will increase student’s understanding of science and technology; it will improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills; and it will help them understand how science and technology influence social and environmental systems.

The CCA is eager to work with teachers and students in Northern BC to ensure sustainable development is a priority for our province. We feel our SEP will provide teachers with high quality presentations that will support them in their essential work to educate their students about the importance of sustainability. We believe sustainability education is essential to inspire younger generations to become environmental stewards. We are proud to offer a supporting role in the education of youth who will become the next generation that will continue working on the critical task of building a green economy in BC and the rest of Canada.

Learn more about the Sustainability Education Program at connect-communities.org.


Feature image by Jeffrey MacLeod.