The Home Stretch!

Education Program Manager James Davis recaps a busy spring and looks ahead to the final weeks of the current school year.

Budget 2018: What's in it for the climate?

Budget 2018 attempts to address intensifying climate impacts—which will continue to get more and more expensive—but doesn't allocate nearly enough resources to this growing challenge. We need to see more commitment to acting on climate change, and fast.

Episode 3: Jobs in Clean Energy

In Episode 3 we challenge assumptions about energy jobs in BC and talk about what happens to jobs as we shift to the next economy. Which jobs will disappear and how will workers make the transition to clean energy?

Episode 2: Building Smarter

Houses made of hemp? Buildings that cut your energy use by 90 percent? In Episode 2 of Sierra Club BC's Mission Transition, we look at how the clean energy economy will change the ways we build.