Sierra Club BC: International scientists' letter a wake-up call for protection of British Columbia’s endangered temperate rainforests

Sierra Club BC said today that the BC government should listen to the 221 international scientists who released a letter to the province regarding the management of BC's forests. The letter highlights the need for urgent and immediate action to protect the globally unique ecological values of BC’s remaining primary and intact coastal and inland temperate rainforest. 

What the heck is Sierra Club BC doing in Northern Alberta!?

Stunning and unprecedented footage has just been released from Wood Buffalo National Park, threatened by Site C and the tarsands. Peace Valley Campaigner Galen Armstrong was recently joined by journalist Judith Lavoie and photographer Louis Bockner on a 10-day journey to highlight the struggle to protect the globally significant Peace-Athabasca Delta.

Protecting what we love

Sierra Club BC Communications Specialist Summer Goulden shares her thoughts about the importance of getting outside with youth over the summer break.

Looking Back on a Banner Year

As another school year comes to a close, Education Program Manager James Davis reflects on the accomplishments of Sierra Club BC's growing Education Program!

ProRep is good for voters, and the environment too!

In the fall, you'll have a chance to vote on whether to change BC's voting system. Here's why, no matter which ProRep system is chosen, it's a clear winner over our existing "First Past the Post" system when it comes to the environment.