There's still time to get outside for #OctoberOutdoors

There's still 12 days left to participate in #OctoberOutdoors. Hear from Simone Cotterill on what you can do each day to get outside.

Tell your MLA and BC’s cabinet ministers to cancel Site C

The clock is ticking to stop the Site C megadam. The BC government is about to decide whether to cancel, continue or suspend the project. It’s all hands on deck to ensure they make the right decision.

Sierra Club BC statement in solidarity with

Sierra Club BC is horrified and disgusted by the outrageous bullying tactics employed by Enbridge today, and condemns the company in the strongest possible terms.

Another Adventuresome Year

Environmental educator, Kirsten Dallimore shares her favourite tips for getting students and children into nature.

New BC government must reform forest policies, say environmentalists, businesses, and union

A coalition of BC environmentalists, unions, and business representatives is calling on the new BC government to take action to protect the province’s endangered old-growth forests and ensure a sustainable, value-added, second-growth forest industry.

Art as a gateway to action

Louis Bockner is a BC-based photographer with a big heart. Twice now, he has traveled north to the Peace River Valley to photograph the people and places threatened by the looming Site C dam project. With the BCUC review of Site C happening right now, we thought it would be a good time to catch up with Louis and hear more about his first-hand experiences in the Peace.

Time Out(side!)

Just over one year ago Laura Hope became a mother. Not only did she feel the need (and desire) to get outside with her son as often as possible, but it also crystallized her commitment to doing all she can so that he can inherit a healthy, safe, livable planet. Join Laura in spending this #OctoberOutdoors.

Tell the BCUC we can't afford Site C

The BC Utilities Commission is in the middle of its review of the Site C dam. Find out how you can share your views on whether the dam should be cancelled.

Welcome back to a new school year!

Our Environmental Educators, Kirsten and Amira, delivered over 200 workshop during the 2016/17 school year to nearly 5000 students at 74 different schools in 18 school districts across the province! 

The People vs. Kinder Morgan

At the forefront of the fight against Kinder Morgan are Indigenous peoples standing up to this corporate bully on land, in the water, and in the court room. Join Sierra Club BC for nine days of solidarity with First Nations fighting Kinder Morgan in court.

Site C dam: The wrong choice for BC's energy future

BC is at a crossroads. The choice our government makes on the Site C dam will impact our energy future and our hydro bills for generations to come. We can't afford Site C and with the BCUC finally reviewing the project, the government has an opportunity to choose a different path. But will they take it?

Spend Your #OctoberOutdoors!

#OctoberOutdoors is a fun way to get you, your family, and your friends outside every day for the month of October while raising funds for the big picture work that Sierra Club BC is doing to defend nature and confront climate change.

Sierra Club BC argues Site C project should be terminated

Sierra Club BC, represented by lawyers from Ecojustice, has called for the termination of the Site C dam project in its submission to the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC).